Onlynx Tech

Onlynx Pass

Onlynx Pass platform can sell attraction pass  or day tour such as Universal Studio, Disneyland or traveller SIM Card.

Travel Pass


  • Shopping Basket
  • Multi-language support
  • Product search and categorized
  • Find country
  • Multiple payment methods

Responsive Design

Easy usage

MultiLanguage Support

Payment gateway support


– Product type
– Starting price range


Search and find the product directly

Product Sort

Easy find the product from the list

Shopping Basket

Help the user to explore more product and shopping for a few product then make payment just a single time.

Alway stay tuned and receive updates


Able to setup the packages in each products and visitor type.

Payment Gateway

Minimize the field to get the users contact information.  Multiple payment method with real-time email confirmation.

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